ANGELER: GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE Terms and conditions of the services provided by ANGELER.

Be respectful

ANGELER is grounded in the principle of mutual respect. When communicating with your delivery Traveller, behave as you would like to be treated. Reports or behaviours that ANGELER considers inappropriate may result in the blocking of an account.

Article 1 : The purpose of the service

ANGELER is a commercial company under Singaporean law. The purpose of the company is to gather and connect people who need to transport articles (object Shipper) and people who could carry these articles (Travellers).

These Travellers will receive an indemnity from which ANGELER will deduct a commission. Under no circumstances may ANGELER, as an Entity, be considered as :

- freight and/or passenger carrier,
- producer, importer or developer-announcer of these goods,
- delivery company,
- Internet consultant or any related or similar activity.

Article 2 : The aim of ANGELER

The only purpose of ANGELER is to create a network for its members. Therefore ANGELER is merely a platform that brings together a global community and aims to help connect people who want to send objects through other people. These people have no subordinate relationship with ANGELER.

Article 3 : The contract of carriage

The transport contract is concluded directly between the Traveller and the Shipper, without any intervention by ANGELER except the registration of the latter on the account of the Shippers - Travellers. ANGELER cannot substitute itself or take any responsibility in case of fraud, misunderstanding or non-performance of the contract. ANGELER's intervention regarding the payment of the accounting mandate will be limited as explained in Article 10.

Article 4 : Recommendations and limits regarding the carried item

It is the responsibility of the Shipper and the Traveller to ensure, before the end of the agreement, that the transported object can be legally transported, possessed in the country of departure, as well as in the country of destination or any countries that may be crossed during the journey. Both Parties shall also ensure that no object that may be carried by or for a user contains an article that may be prohibited or restricted in both the country of departure and the country of destination. These include (but are not limited to...) :
- alcoholic beverages ;
- weapons and equipment that can be used in their manufacture;
- certain herbal and narcotic drugs or supplements;
- elements of a sexual / adult nature (e. g. pornography);
- elements of an offensive and violent nature, including those associated with hate organizations (torture devices, snuff films, without limitations...);
- alive animals;
- food products and other processed or unprocessed animal and plant products;
- the currency and/or equipment used in its production;
- tobacco and tobacco-related items; embargoed goods;
- articles infringing copyright or trademark laws, beta software, pirated recordings, articles to duplicate copyrighted material, counterfeit articles...;
- stolen property;
- testers or replicas of perfumes or cosmetic products.

Article 5 : General conditions required to subscribe a contract of carriage with a member of the ANGELER network

All users must be 18 years old and be able to form legal contracts. All users undertake not to violate any law, third party rights or site policy.
All users will comply with all applicable national and international laws. It is prohibited for any user to post identity documents or sensitive financial information of any other person on the site.
No agency, affiliation, association or connection exists between ANGELER and its users. The publication of a user through the ANGELER website constitutes a valid electronic contract and implies knowledge and acceptance of the ANGELER general conditions before any publication.

Article 6 : Warranties and specific requirements for the Travellers

In order to perform a contract of carriage, Travellers must be of an age to enter into and fulfil their legal obligations. Any person deprived of their legal or civic rights may not register as a Traveller. Anyone who has already been convicted of robbery, theft or fraud cannot be registered as a Traveller. Travellers are neither employees nor agents of ANGELER. There is no subordinate relationship between ANGELER and the Travellers. ANGELER may not exercise any power of supervision over the Traveller. Any transport likely to occur during a business trip requires prior notification and approval from the Traveller's employer and ANGELER. Professional transporters may not transport items during their travels. Travel expenses are the sole responsibility of the Traveller.

Article 7 : Warranties and specific requirements for Shippers.

All Shippers must be of age to enter into and complete a legal agreement. The Shipper has the duty to pack the item before its transport in order to protect it and avoid any reasonable deterioration.
The latter must inform himself and the Traveller of the taxes and expenses that may be incurred by the Traveller.
These taxes and fees will be prepaid to ANGELER before the trip. If essential and unexpected expenses must be incurred during the trip and they have not been anticipated by the Shipper, they will automatically be charged to the Shipper, without any possibility of waiving these expenses. The Shipper must guarantee that the recipient of the item will be present at the agreed time and place of delivery.

Article 8 : Caution before shipping

Any fragile object must be packed in both the presence of the Shipper and the Traveller in order to be able to check the good condition of the object before its transport. It is recommended to test the electronic device to ensure that it is working properly before travel.

It is also recommended to take photographs of the transported item and packaging before travel in order to provide proof in case of dispute; the Traveller has the duty to carefully examine the item and packaging before travel to ensure that it does not hide or contain illegal or prohibited material. If the Traveller has the slightest suspicion that the item being transported may contain illegal or prohibited material, he has a duty to refuse to carry out the transport.

Article 9 : Carriage and risk management

The Traveller has the duty to ensure that the transport is carried out with due care, safety and without risk of damaging, breaking or endommaging the object being transported.

The Traveller shall also ensure that the transport is carried out in accordance with health and legal recommendations.

ANGELER cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for the loss, damage or theft of the item transported during the entire duration of the trip.

Travel time begins as soon as the item is picked up and "in the Traveller's hands" and ends when it is delivered to the person who signs the receipt form via QR-code technology.

The Shipper shall be liable for any claim or dispute related to customs or regulations resulting from the transport.

The Traveller is considered, both civilly and criminally, as the "Guardian of the transported object" for the entire duration of the trip. Consequently, he will be held liable for any loss or damage caused to the transported item except in cases of force majeure. This liability shall end upon delivery of the item transported by the Traveller to the consignee.

In certain circumstances, ANGELER may offer insurance to cover certain losses or damages. Any deductible will be covered, personally, by the beneficiary of the insurance.

ANGELER declines any responsibility related to the loss, theft or damage of the transported object.

Article 10 : Payment and indemnity

Travellers receive a flat-rate allowance for the service provided. This indemnity is fixed when the contract is concluded. ANGELER uses its experience to propose recommended rates adapted to the reality of the market.

If the item is to be purchased or if certain payments are to be made in order to take possession of the item, these amounts will be advanced by the Traveller and refunded to him upon delivery of the item to the consignee.

If the parties perform the transport without prior payment, ANGELER cannot assume any guarantee regarding the payment of the indemnity or any other amount resulting from the agreement or its execution.

As soon as ANGELER receives confirmation of delivery by the recipient, ANGELER pays the indemnity in the form of a single monthly payment, less the commission due to ANGELER.

Payment must be made in accordance with the legal provisions of the Bank or the paying agency.

ANGELER assumes no responsibility for loss of money due to a failure of the bank's or operating office's system or improper use of the system.

Article 11 : The fee due to ANGELER

ANGELER will receive a commission ranging from 10% to 20% of the Traveller's allowance depending on the kind of service provided.

Article 12 : Conform delivery

At the time of delivery, the consignee and the Traveller must comply with the automated technological system, which is evidenced by a code to prove that the delivery has been made and received by the consignee.

Upon receipt, the consignee ensures that the item delivered is in conformity with that declared by the Shipper, and also checks the condition of the item transported in order to report any loss or damage.

By scanning the code of the transported item, the consignee confirms receipt of the item, thereby waiving any subsequent action related to damage or loss suffered during transport, for himself and for the Shipper.

Article 13 : Defect on delivery

A defect on delivery will be noted when:
- an object and/or document is not delivered in whole or in part;
- an object and/or document is delivered but is damaged.

ANGELER declines all responsibility in the event of non-delivery or defective delivery of an object and/or document.

If a failure to deliver is notified to ANGELER, the Traveller's payment will be deferred until the potential dispute between the parties is resolved as provided for in Article 16.

Article 14 : Infringement of precedings and/or general provisions

Any violation of these conditions will result in the immediate withdrawal of the user of the platform.

Article 15 : Validity and understanding of the terms of the services provided by ANGELER.

These conditions are both exhaustive and self-sufficient. ANGELER cannot assume any obligation other than that explicitly explained above.

These terms and conditions may be translated into other languages for better understanding by ANGELER's customers.

In case of discrepancy between the different translations, the original version - which is the English version - will be preferred.

These general terms and conditions are subject to the law of the Republic of Singapore. The cancellation of a clause under the current conditions shall not result in the cancellation of the entire agreement. In the event of the cancellation of a clause, the parties shall negotiate in good faith with the intent to replace the cancelled clause with a clause having the same financial and legal effect.

Article 16 : Disputes settlement

All disputes arising from the conclusion, performance or interpretation of the contract of carriage or the terms and conditions of ANGELER shall preferably be settled by consensus and negotiated.

If such a dispute resolution is not possible or if one of the parties has not reacted to a proposal for a consensual dispute resolution, the dispute shall be brought before the courts of the Republic of Singapore. The applicable law shall be the one of the Republic of Singapore for the resolution of disputes.

Terms and conditions for accessing and using the website

1. Purpose of the website

The current website aims to promote and host the commercial activity of ANGELER. It also hosts the platform being used by ANGELER users. By accessing and using this site, visitors agree to fully review and accept these terms and conditions.

2. User licence agreement

ANGELER transfers free and unlimited access to visitors for the use of the website. The user must use this license in accordance with the purpose of the site.

3. Requirement for access and use of the website

The visitor must comply with the legal obligations of his country of origin as well as the country from which he accesses the site, in order to be able to conclude and execute legal contracts. He must be over 18 years of age and may not be deprived of his civil and legal rights.

4. Privacy

To use the site you will be asked to provide some personal data to ANGELER, such as name, email address, as well as the presentation of a valid identity document and any other supporting document that ANGELR may deem necessary. Other data, such as your IP address and login information, will also be required for the technical operation of the site. All such information must be collected, used and stored in accordance with the law of the Republic of Singapore.

5. Accuracy of personal data and ANGELER's right to change and/or delete

The user is personally liable to ensure, at all times, that the information provided to ANGELER is accurate and up to date. ANGELER assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from false or incorrect information provided to ANGELER. If ANGELER discovers that false information has been communicated to the site with fraudulent intent, the visitor's license will be directly revoked and the visitor will be subject to legal action.

At any time, the user has the ability to update his or her personal data and request the deletion of his or her personal information. The deletion of information may be postponed in the case of an unfinished service or a dispute.

6. Monitoring of private messages by ANGELER

The platform offers its users the possibility to communicate directly with each other. These messages are strictly private and are not being watched by ANGELER. ANGELER has no obligation to monitor users of the site and to monitor their messages. However, some messages may be subject to random monitoring by ANGELER in order to ensure the reliability of its services and to ensure the application of its general conditions and the use of its services.

ANGELER may also check up on a user and more precisely if there are serious and detailed suspicions of fraud or the commission of offences.

ANGELER is also required to declare and inform the competent authorities in cases where infringements are apparent from the data contained in the personal messages.

7. ANGELER responsibility for ads published by users.

All information on the website is provided for informational and/or useful purposes only. ANGELER cannot under any circumstances guarantee or be held responsible that this information is correct.

ANGELER cannot in any way guarantee or be held responsible for the content or services provided by other third party websites. ANGELER cannot under any circumstances guarantee or be held responsible for the relevance of the information or products.

The offer of products on the website does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of this product by ANGELER, nor the accuracy of the exclusive nature of the product.

ANGELER only hosts users' ads on the Web and therefore benefits from the special liability regime established by the law of the Republic of Singapore.

The user uses the website at his own risk. ANGELER cannot under any circumstances guarantee or be held liable for any direct or indirect damage, including that resulting from or in connection with products, appearances, opinions, etc. on its website

8. Prohibited and/or condemnable practices

The website may not be used as a target or as a means of committing a criminal offence. It must not be used nor targeted by a crime prohibited under the Republic of Singapore. It is also forbidden for the user to practice any behaviour that:
- constitutes a violation of the legal or regulatory texts in force
- constitutes an infringement of copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property rights or human rights.
- constitutes what can be considered discriminatory discourse.

9. Intellectual Property

ANGELER is the owner of its trade name, the layout of the website, as well as the binary code used to make the website. ANGELER's copyright also covers the general and legal texts, as well as the illustrative and figurative content of the site. Any reproduction or reuse of this content without the prior consent of ANGELER is strictly prohibited. However, content published by users directly on the site is not protected by copyright.

10. Responsability of the user

Any figurative or textual content displayed directly by the user is published under his sole responsibility. Before publication, the user is required to check whether the content is accurate, sincere and free of any intellectual property rights. The user shall bear the consequences of any failure to comply with this obligation. The user will also bear the financial consequences related to the image, any breach of security or malfunction of the site resulting from its improper use.

11. Contacts and legal notifications

This website is the property of ANGELER. ANGELER's legal headquarters are located in the Republic of Singapore. ANGELER staff can be reached by mail at

12. Disputes - update of ANGELER's terms of use

ANGELER is free to modify and update these terms and conditions at any time. These conditions are freely downloadable in order to provide any evidence in the event of a dispute. Any dispute arising from these terms and conditions shall be resolved by the courts of the Republic of Singapore.