Code of behaviourof a member of the ANGELER community

Be respectful

ANGELER is grounded in the principle of mutual respect. When communicating with your delivery Traveller, behave as you would like to be treated. Reports or behaviours that ANGELER considers inappropriate may result in the blocking of an account.

Be responsive

Senders and Travellers are required to respond to messages within 48 hours of receipt. Travellers must inform the Sender of the delivery within 24 hours of their arrival. Responding quickly to messages encourages the member's trust ranking, it is publicly displayed on your profile.

Be mindful

To maintain an efficient and "safe" community, keep all payments and communications on the ANGELER platform. We have a two-step verification process: secure payments and 24-hour customer support to protect you from fraudulent activity. Be sure to study, understand and pay all applicable customs duties in the area or country concerned.

Stimulate confidence

For this you have to fill in your user profile. Senders place more trust in Travellers' offers with a profile photo and this applies to Travellers, too. Your personal information, email address, telephone number, home address and payment details are kept confidential at all times.

Zero tolerance

ANGELER has no tolerance for harassment or illegal activities of any kind. ANGELER also reserves for itself the right to take action if a user acts in a way that may undermine the trust of the community, such as, for example, but not limited to, cancelling multiple orders or deliveries, making transactions outside ANGELER or spamming accounts...

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